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Click is an original brand concept for ready-to-wear eyewear. Our goal is to offer everyone a customized unique option to match every outfit. Click Eyewear allows you to change your pair of eyewear any day at any time. Our logo and colors represent the style and mechanics of our brand. Each frame and ear piece “click” into each other allowing for a different look everyday. 


Magnets allow each part of either pair of glasses to "click" into each other. Changing each frame and ear piece allow you to mix and match any pair, any day, at any time. 

Catalog Lookbook Edition

Click Changeable Eyewear September 2019 Lookbook Edition features all the new styles for each category; men and women glasses, sunglasses, ski goggles, kids glasses, and sunglasses. The Click catalog contains some unique articles about interesting topics such as 10 best surf cities in the world and the top 10 places to eat in NYC. 


Click's packaging is a square mailers box that comes with five glasses of your choice. Each pair mix and match within each other creating a different look for everyday! The design is unique and 

fun featuring a hand drawn eye pattern in our colorful gradient. 

Click Bus Shelter Advertisment

Click Bus Shelter Advertisement made to show how Click Customers never settle. Click frames and ear pieces allow every customer to change their pair of glasses everyday. Each new day can be a new look for you!

Created 2017

Software: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator,

& Adobe Photoshop 

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