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The Valentino family is one of the richest families in Paris, France. All four children, Nathan, Richard, Aja, and Christopher along with Richards wife and two children live in a huge mansion left to them by their parents. It has 10 bedrooms, 14 baths, an indoor swimming pool and a 8 car garage. Their Father, Pierre, owned one of the largest transport company’s in the world and also lead one of Paris’s most feared crime family’s. Leaving his riches and business to his children, the Valentino’s seem to never have enough. Running heists from Paris all the way to London ranging from robbing local king pins and jewelry stores but the greed from Nathan has now brought up the idea of federal banks. Richard and Christopher have been consulting and decided they don’t think it’s a good idea while Nathan and Aja plan on pursuing the heist with or without them. Nathan’s plan is to rob an armored truck, kidnap the drivers, and wear their uniforms to do a pick up from the federal bank. Scheduled pick up is to be valued at 80 million dollars that is supposed to be transferred to the U.S federal bank. Will Nathans greed continue? Will the Valentino family allow it? 

*Not a real movie just a thought

Created 2016

Software: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator,

& Adobe Photoshop 

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