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Poster designed to spread the awareness of the powerful effect street art has on communities. Haas and Hahn bring joy to the poorest cities all over the world creating beautiful works of art in the streets by painting images and colors on buildings. 

Poster designed to bring the true question we all wonder about infinity, how big is it? Dennis Wildfogel uses the fundamentals of set theory to explore the mind-bending concept of the "infinity of infinities" and how it led mathematicians to conclude that math itself contain unanswerable questions. 



Poster designed to display the force of gravity. My goal was to play off the force of gravity & space. Elizabeth Streb repeatedly try’s to defy gravity and fly. She jumps through broken glass and toppled from great heights. Her lifelong quest is to defy gravity and fly the only way a human can ... by mastering the landing.

Created 2018

Software: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator,

& Adobe Photoshop 

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